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Ticketing and Travel

Ticketing and travel

Travel Documents:

All travel documents will be sent by email 4 weeks prior to departure to the email address you provided at the time of booking. You must print and present these vouchers at check- in for each of your holiday components.

It is vital that you read your E Ticket in full as soon as you receive it as it contains the most up to date flight details. Please note that these may have changed from the details on your original booking confirmation invoice.

The name for each member of your party as shown in their passports must be the same as on the E Ticket, otherwise they may not be permitted to travel. If any of your party changes their name after booking for example, after marriage, you must notify us immediately.

You must make sure that we have up-to-date contact details for you at all times: Please notify us immediately if you change your phone number, email address or other address. We shall not be responsible if your confirmation invoice or E Ticket fails to reach you in time, for example, if you have failed to provide us with up to date contact information or because it has been blocked by any firewall, spam filter or other means of electronic protection or by reason of any other failure in transmission.

Reconfirmation of flights:

Should you want to check on the day of departure that the flight is running on time, please call the airport locally. We recommend if you are staying longer than 3 weeks that you check the airline website for any changes to the schedule.

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