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Your Conduct on Board

We or our airlines may refuse carriage to any person or offload him or her at any airport without refund of fare or compensation if it is considered that:
a) carrying the passenger or his baggage might endanger the safety of the aircraft, its passengers or crew;
b) the passenger is drunk or under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
c) the passenger is, or there is reason to believe he or she is, in unlawful possession of drugs;
d) the passenger's mental or physical state is a danger or risk to the passenger, the aircraft or any other person on it;
e) the passenger has refused to allow a security check of himself or his baggage;
f) the passenger has disobeyed instructions relating to safety or security from the ground staff;
g) the passenger has persistently used threatening, abusive or insulting words to a member of our staff, a member of the airline's staff, to another of our passengers, to any member of airport staff or a ground handling agent, or might cause distress or annoyance to any other person on the aircraft; h) the passenger has behaved in a threatening, abusive or insulting way towards a member our staff, airline staff or ground handling agent;
i) the passenger has made a bomb threat;
j) the passenger has committed a criminal offence during the check-in or boarding processes or on board the aircraft prior to take-off or there is reason to believe he or she has done so.

Conduct on board
In accordance with national and international laws the Captain is in command of the aircraft and every person on board must obey his or her lawful commands. All Captains of aircraft operated by our airlines have authority to deal with passengers who misbehave, are disruptive, or otherwise cause problems by whatever means the Captains think fit. This may include forcible removal from the flight and handing over those persons to security personnel or police on the ground. If a passenger causes any damage whatsoever or his or her actions cause us or our airlines to incur any costs (including the costs of a diversion of the aircraft, which may be substantial) he or she will be liable for the full amount of such costs.

No Smoking Policy
In common with many other transatlantic carriers, our airlines operate a no smoking policy on all flights to and from the UK.

Updated 22 September 2014

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